Small Finnish Firm Makes Brand Name Phones

Reuters is running a story about Microcell, the mobile phone outsourcing company that might make the mobile phone you’re using right now. Microcell apparently makes phones for 4 of the leading 10 headset makers in the world (which raises some questions since most headsets seem to come from the top few producers – so once you get down around numbers 8, 9, and 10, you might not be talking about very well-known phones). Microcell designs and manufactures the phones, while the headset makers you know of just dump their brand on it. It lets the big name headset makers come out with new phones more rapidly, while lowering production costs. Microcell, though, isn’t supposed to admit who they make phones for (the article says Sony Ericsson is one) or which phones they make (other than the T66).

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