Will Popup Ads Go Away?

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The Washington Post has an article predicting that popup ads will go away simply because users absolutely hate them. However, it seems that getting this through to the advertisers is going to be a very long and slow process. The article even quotes somebody from Orbitz saying, “pop-unders are extremely important to us because consumers do like them.” Um. No, people do not like them. I, for one, refuse to use Orbitz because of their damn popups, and I discovered today I’m not the only one, as this reporter comments on Orbitz’s popup blitz: “The worst offender, at least in my experience, is the travel site Orbitz, which has ads everywhere I don’t want them to be. As a result, I now have a very negative association with Orbitz.”

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Comments on “Will Popup Ads Go Away?”

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john q public says:

No Subject Given

Since popup ads are always a commercial of some kind, my reaction to any popup ad is the same–close it. One cannot forcast the future. We only extrapilate the future based upon past experiences: popup ads are advertisements. Therfore, when I encounter a popup ad, I immediately close it. I do not read it. When the advertisers realize that they are abusing their potential customers, then they will stop with this kind of advertising.

lazyToRegister says:

What about flash ads?

I have a pop-up stopper and it works well, though it is not an excuse that I am “okay” with pop-ups. But, the flash ads are killer; they capture your screen and you can do nothing about it (at least I do not know, what to do). I tried to disable the activex from IE but everytime IE would “threaten” me that the page will not render correctly because of this and I have to click on “OK”!, saying that “screw you”. Well, I got tired of that and re-enabled that.
The advertisers are really really stupid and I hope they know that!

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