TheGlobe Moves On To… Digital Telephony?

from the we'll-try-anything-once dept

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to find out that TheGlobe still exists at all. The last I had heard (over a year ago) was that they were shutting down. However, it turns out that the “company” moved to Florida and was running a site and a magazine about computer games. Apparently, that wasn’t doing the trick, either, and they’re selling the computer games stuff and buying some secretive “digital telephony assets” to restart the business yet again. I’m a little confused why they should even bother. There’s no reason to dump’s name onto anything any more (and, if anything, it probably makes them look worse). If the digital telephony assets they’re buying are worth anything, then they should simply start a separate company for them that has nothing to do with the disaster that was

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