Computers Stealing Jobs

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I thought this debate had already died, but it seems to keep coming back. There are always some people who think that computers and technology are bad because they put people out of work. Of course, over time, it’s been shown (over and over and over again) that while computers do reduce the need for some sorts of jobs, they open up many more jobs elsewhere. It goes back to the standard refrain: “adapt or die”. People need to remember that your education doesn’t stop just because you graduated (or didn’t graduate, as the case may be) from school. Education is a lifelong process, and people who don’t realize that are going to have a lot more trouble adapting. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the fault of technology.

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Comments on “Computers Stealing Jobs”

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Anonymous Coward says:

True enough

Technology does replace people in certain places (such as assembly lines). Technology isn’t born though. It’s developed, improved, maintained, installed, repaired and operated by people. This means while some may lose employment because of technology others have jobs because of it. Short of a world wide nuclear war, we won’t be abandoning technology any time soon. Better start reading!

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