MapQuest Lied To Me

from the such-anger dept

These days, it seems that it’s become a common refrain for people who are late to something to explain that it was all MapQuest’s fault for leading them astray. It seems that MapQuest has become the main way that anyone finds directions anywhere – and while it works most of the time for most people, the system isn’t perfect, and plenty of people find themselve frustrated by MapQuest’s mis-directions.

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Comments on “MapQuest Lied To Me”

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Wirehed says:

Once bitten, twice shy

I have been lied to by MapQuest before. Once I tried Yahoo Maps or Expedia, I never went back. The interfaces for the interactive maps were better, the directions are better, and the print outs look better.
If someone keeps getting bad directions from MapQuest, why do they keep going back? There are plenty of alternatives online. Someday I should compare routes from the different systems to see how they match up.

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