Wall Street Puts Pressure On IM Companies To Work Together

from the get-it-done dept

Yesterday we had a column complaining about AOL not doing anything to move towards instant messaging interoperability. Today, though, there’s an article saying that a number of financial firms called together most of the major instant messaging players (it looks like they forgot to invite Yahoo) and gave them something of an ultimatum to figure out how to get their products to talk to each other. The Wall Street folks are discovering that they would like to use instant messaging tools officially as part of their business, but dealing with all the different systems is causing problems. Hopefully the folks with the money will have some effect on AOL. So far, though, they’ve done a good job ignoring the pleas of users, as well as the word of the FTC, who said they had to open up their IM products as part of the Time Warner merger approval.

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