Hey Buddy, PayPal Me A Quarter

from the virtual-begging dept

It seems the latest trend in “15 minutes of fame” sites are ones that ask random strangers online for money. The most famous one, which I keep seeing mentioned in articles, is from the young woman who spent way too much money on designer clothes and found herself $20,000 in debt. She put up a website asking people to help her pay off her debt. While I think the concept of virtual begging is a bit despicable, it appears her idea is working for her – and people are paying (mostly, I assume, because they’re amazed she had the nerve to ask strangers to pay off her shopaholic debt). So, more power to her, if she can convince people to pay off her debt. Others, though, have taken the idea and run with it – and there are sites to help a woman get a divorce, to help a guy create a movie, and for all sorts of other “causes” (some more legitimate than others). I imagine that even more of these sites will start popping up in the next few months, each less successful than the ones that preceeded them.

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