Sony Unveils Not So Next Generation DVR

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For a while now I’ve been wondering when the “real” second generation digital video recorders were going to show up. Clearly, the TiVo concept is a great one, but there’s so much more that could be done with it. Sony has now announced their next generation hard-disk based video recorder.. and it looks very much like the first generation devices. Certainly there are some evolutionary improvements to Sony’s Cocoon device over existing DVR offerings, but I don’t see that it “fundamentally changes television” in a more significant way that DVRs already have. This device includes a broadband connection, but doesn’t seem to let you do very much with it. It just downloads program information. Sony, of course, wouldn’t be a big fan of letting people share their programs like Replay does. In fact, I don’t see how the Sony device is all that different than the Replay device, but without the ability to share programs.

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Comments on “Sony Unveils Not So Next Generation DVR”

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1 Comment
Chris S. Camilli ~ VibeBender says:

New Generation DVR

I feel that this is an incredible step in the direction of how people acquire and use thier….hold on a miniute…it is not yours to begin with…and you are “lucky” you even are allowed to license the use of it in your own home. I stand by anything that protects content from any individual or company that does not comply with intellectual property rights…The Artists/Producers/Developers..reserve the right to restrict anyone, or device that fails to meet the criteria as stated in the License Agreement, with or without your consent….you never owned it in the first Place.

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