Another Lawsuit Filed Against Wireless Carriers For Forcing Phones

from the let-there-be-choice dept

Another lawsuit has been filed by consumers annoyed that wireless carriers force them to buy their handsets in bundles from the carriers. The arguments are that it’s a monopolistic practice that limits choice. The carriers respond that there’s plenty of choice in carriers… and that to compete, they need to offer bundled plans. Considering the fact that carriers often subsidize the price of phones anyway, I’d say it’s probably a better deal for most consumers. The only area where they run into problems are if people want to keep the same phone when they switch carriers.

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Comments on “Another Lawsuit Filed Against Wireless Carriers For Forcing Phones”

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brian says:

I don't think so

If they are all so concerned about buying phones from the cell company I invite them to go to and buy one direct. At the wireless company I work for we will activate it without a contract. Contracts are only for people who want a handset discount. If they are mad about not using phones with other carriers, don’t worry about lock codes, in my area the phones wont work simply because we all use diff tech!
ATT + Cingular TDMA
Sprint + Verizon + Alltel CDMA
Voicestream GSM
Nextel iDEN or whatever

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