Debunking The Chipping Of A Kid

from the the-big-story-of-the-summer dept

It seems the big story of the summer was all the various child kidnappings that were going on all over the place. Never mind that statistics show fewer kidnappings are happening, the media seems to like them this year, and they’re going to stick with them. So, it should come as no surprise that some folks are trying to get some attention for implanting a chip into a child so that she can be tracked no matter where she is. Of course, the Register tears apart the article with glee. They really have it in for Kevin Warwick, who likes to stick chips in his body with no real purpose other than to generate publicity. The Register takes apart the various claims of the device that’s being implanted in the girl, and say they don’t believe what Warwick claims the chip will do is possible. They think it’s just another publicity stunt.

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