The Best Complaint Sites

from the how-much-anger-do-you-have dept

People who have been around me when I feel I have been screwed over by a company, know to get out of my way when that happens. I’ll admit that I can be fairly vicious with a company that has done me wrong. However, it’s never gotten so bad that I’ve felt the need to set up a website completely devoted to trashing a company. It seems that plenty of people do have that sort of time on their hands, and some folks at Forbes spent some time combing through them all to find the best “this company sucks” sites on the internet. How long until someone starts up a blog chronicalling all the “sucks” sites out there?

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Comments on “The Best Complaint Sites”

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1 Comment
Judy says:

Don't shop at JK Schmidt Jewellers in Westbank

People want to find sites or blogs to post comments about a bad experience in the hopes of preventing someone else going through what they did or to vent.

I had a terrible shopping experience with JK Schmidt Jewellers in Westbank, BC. The diamond ring I bought has been buffed once and replated twice after being sized and still has marks and it is new. I left 4 messages for the owner to contact me and they never did. I received no help from the store staff and was met with rudeness. There is no help after you make your purchase from this store so I would strongly suggest shopping elsewhere especially if you are spending a large sum of money.

DON’T GO TO JK SCHMIDT JEWELLERS is the message I want to tell others to spare them what I went through.

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