How Media Giants Want To Choose Where You Can Surf

from the sic-the-lawyers-on-'em dept

The latest stupidity from the folks at the RIAA and various big media company lawyers is that they’ve been stymied in their efforts to track down a certain site that they’re sure is going to bring the entire recording industry crashing down on itself. The RIAA has failed to figure out who hosts/owns the site, and thus they’re suing ISPs to block their customers from reaching the site. Yeah, let’s repeat that for clarity. The RIAA is going to court in order to force ISPs to block access to a site because they’re too incompetent to find the site’s owners themselves. I can’t wait for the offshoot lawsuits. Can we get together a group for a lawsuit against ISPs to block all access to any of the ridiculous things coming out of the entertainment industry these days?

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