Putting Your Wardrobe On The Network

from the it's-all-connected dept

News.com has an interview with the CEO of Philips Semiconductor where he talks about all the many things he expects to see his company’s technology built into. His vision is one where everything is connected wirelessly. Your clothes, your car, your books, your plane tickets… It begins to sound like a bad movie.

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Comments on “Putting Your Wardrobe On The Network”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:


I want a shirt that scans my general area for attractive women and pulls my shirt in tight giving me the appearance of being thinner than I am. I could also use self pulling up pants with Philips CrotchComfort air conditioning for those unpleasantly warm days. Or perhaps underwear that can grade my wiping skills and show me an average when compared to people in my demographic.

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