One Number

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Look through your personal address book and see how many of your contacts have multiple numbers. You might have up to three numbers for each contact, home, work, and mobile. When calling your frequent contacts, you might call their work or home number first, but if they aren’t there, maybe you try the mobile number. Since you are trying to reach the person, not the place, you might as well just call their mobile number first and get it over with. Slowly, the trend of having only number and one phone is growing.
Dropping mobile phone charges are making it feasible to ditch the landline completely.
It’s estimated that about 3 percent of wireless subscribers use their mobile phones as their only phone. The Yankee Group thinks this number could jump to 5 to 10 percent over the next five years. Ironically when you go in to buy new wireless service, many operators require a landline contact number to track you down in case you don’t pay your bill.

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Comments on “One Number”

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1 Comment
bryce says:

It works great for me

I starting using my cell phone as my only phone late last year. It has worked great so far. I pay $30/month and have never gone over the allowed minutes.

I couldn’t have done this last year at this time because we didn’t have cable internet access in my town. I had to have a land line because I needed DSL. Since we now have RoadRunner in my town, I can live without having to pay Verizon a ridiculous amount each month.

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