The Media Titans Still Don't Get It

from the hype-and-scorn dept

Salon is running an interesting comparison of two new books that show just how much “big media” still doesn’t get the internet. The first book is Bamboozled at the Revolution, which is supposed to explain how big media lost so much money pursuing the internet. Basically, the author (who doesn’t seem to get it himself) spends most of the book suggesting that big media didn’t get the internet because there wasn’t anything to get. It was all a big boondoggle, and now it’s chock full of useless websites that don’t matter. He even declares that “web content is dead”. Right… The article compares this clueless book to Dave Weinberger’s Small Pieces Loosely Joined, which explains why the web matters. It’s not a top down, mass-media controlled entity that force feeds info. It’s info created and shared amongst many people that creates common interests. Weinberger’s book explains why web content matters while the other book shows just how clueless big media still is about the web.

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