CMGI's Field Of Dreams

from the easy-does-it dept

David Lidsky over at Fortune Small Business has a (tongue in cheek) “modest proposal” of sorts concerning what CMGI should have done with CMGI Field, the New England stadium whose naming rights they just ditched. Lidsky points out that all stadium naming deals in the past have just been for publicity, but CMGI had the chance to really show football fans what they were all about. First off, they were betting on the Patriots, showing how they can “invest” in deals that everyone knows is a complete loser… and then surprise everyone and win. Then, they can take other elements of their portfolio and put them to good use. For examples fans would have to find their seats using AltaVista and buy their souvenirs on uBid. Instead, football fans only find out that CMGI sells out when the going gets rough…

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