No One Uses Email Encryption

from the not-a-big-fear dept

For years I’ve heard people who were involved in various email encryption products talk about how it was the next big market – and yet, in the end, very few end users care to use email encryption. The folks in the industry seemed to think it was a problem of having the right tools, but it seems that most people simply don’t see the need. To them, there isn’t a problem with the email they send out. The chance of someone intercepting their mail is increrdibly slim, and the damages even if it happens are minimal. So, to add a layer of complexity when there’s not even a problem is a tough sell. Yet, that doesn’t stop more companies from trying, and more articles about just how insecure all of our emails are.

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Comments on “No One Uses Email Encryption”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Until my mother, father, sisters, and brother can figure out how to use it, it won’t happen. I want to encrypt my mail but most of the people I send or would send it too aren’t prepared too handle it either software wise or knowledge wise. Until it’s transparent (completely) to the users it won’t catch on. And as long as there are multiple platforms as well as multiple clients as well as multiple mail exchange systems, it can’t be made transparent.

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