Are Honeypots Entrapment?

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Earlier today, someone commented on the do trespassing laws apply to the internet post, by saying not to get him (or her) started on why honeypots were entrapment. Well… perfect timing. At the Black Hat Briefings today a Justice Department lawyer laid out all the pitfalls of setting up honeypots, including that they might be considered entrapment. They also might violate wiretap laws, and people who set up honeypots may be liable for any damages if those honeypots are used for an attack.

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Comments on “Are Honeypots Entrapment?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Wiretap?

Nothing wrong with monitoring your own honeypot, but do like the Spitzner and company and use it for research.

Using a honeypot to put the (legal) hurt on somone morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt. I am, in fact, all in favor for establishing “attractive nusance” laws to reduce and restrict the amount of law enforcement stupidity currently happening.

BTW, I have run across law enforcment hacks at the end of their carrers who actively search for that “Mitnick Bust” that will allow them to “write a book” and retire comfortably.

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