When Dreamcasts Attack

from the hey,-that's-a-game-machine! dept

Security Focus has an article about some hackers who were showing off their Dreamcast hacking machine. Basically, the hackers realized that while firewalls may block stuff from the outside, if you can somehow get inside the firewall, most networks are incredibly insecure. So, they created some software for the (now discontinued, but cheap on eBay) Sega Dreamcast, so that they can simply drop it in to a network – as long as they have access somehow. In practice, they got into offices by posing as employees and climing through a drop space in the ceiling. They also have designed software for other devices like the iPaq. However, they think the Dreamcast is the best, because no one ever has any concern about someone carrying a Dreamcast. They just say, “wow, look at the toy!”

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Comments on “When Dreamcasts Attack”

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Jack9 says:

Physical Security

The primary concern of a REAL system administrator has always been physical access. The greatest security threat is employees who want to circumvent or gain access to services you monitor or install. God forbit someone actually get in the building to tamper, that’s why Sun has PADLOCK security bolt holes on their server cases. You pay 10k, you get the whole package. Why put anything in a Dreamcast, just carry around a Dreamcast/Xbox/whatever. That IS a GREAT gimmick to get into a building.

Copyrighted Coward says:

Here's a better hack

I’ve developed a technology called ‘looking at monitors’. The technology is used when you look at a secretary’s monitor for password that has been taped to it. You then access the network from that station (or another one) and set up a trojan horse, ssh server, ftp server and a neko the cat screensaver. The trojan horse, ssh server and ftp server allow you access to files on the network. The neko the cat screensaver makes the sysadmin think the computer is being used by a 53 year old woman. Since 61% of 53 year old women are not hackers the sysadmin will walk away.

FYI… I currently hold the copyright on ‘looking at monitors’. In order to use this technology you will have to agree to and sign a EULA. I also hold a patent on telling me to ‘go screw’. This legally keeps you from expressing any dissatisfaction in any form in regards to my patents.

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