Who Needs A Network?

from the not-most-people dept

A new study shows that most people don’t see the benefit to having a home network (wired or wireless). This doesn’t mean, of course, that there is no benefit to a home network, but that any company pitching the whole “networked” home bit better drum a good educational marketing plan pretty quickly. What’s odd is that while 62% of the respondents say they’re happy with their current electronics and see no reason to network them, 88% said that any new electronics device needs to “connect easily” with their older electronics. Does this mean that they actually do want a home network, and just don’t realize it?

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Comments on “Who Needs A Network?”

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1 Comment
Ted McCallister says:

This sounds fishy...

So 57% don’t want a home network, and 66% don’t want a wireless home network, yet 88% “say it’s important for new devices to connect easily with the electronics that are already in their home”?!?!?
This smells of a bad survey. I also bet 50% of them would not want Tivo, but 90% would want to watch TV when the wanted, skip commercials, etc. It’s an education thing. I saw one of the nimrods from Jupiter giving a presentation on Home networks- and brace yourselves- he gave some realistic numbers on home wireless network penetration, and they’re encouraging. He also made a plausible case for why home networks will continue to grow. People will want to take the 1000 songs they’ve downloaded from Kazaa and play them on their stereos, backyard speakers, etc. Consumers buy content and beneficial features- NOT technology. If you asked Joe America if he wanted an electronic appliance that quickly opens metal cylinders, he would tell you “No” 50% of the time. If you asked him he would want to crack open his can of Beenie Weenies faster by buying an electric Black & Decker can opener, then 88% would respond YES. 20% of the other people are stoned.

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