Major League Baseball Tries To Takeover Fan Site

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Major League Baseball is going through all sorts of problems right now with the looming player strike and various arguments about “contraction” and bankrupt teams. One discussion that’s been getting louder the past few weeks is that both sides (MLB and the players) seem to have forgotten another party who should have a say in all of this: the fans. So, why is it that MLB (who clearly have better things to concentrate on) are wasting their time trying to take away a fan site from the fan who runs it? That seems pretty unclear. Basically, it sounds like this cease and desist letter from MLB means that no one is allowed to create a fan site for any Major League Baseball team, because, by definition, it will violate some copyright.

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Comments on “Major League Baseball Tries To Takeover Fan Site”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Selig is a genious

What a brilliant move! The casual baseball fans and the fairweather fans will probably be lost once a strike takes place. Now you’re attacking the die-hards??? Baseball is about to go extinct. I’m personally refusing to watch baseball unless I get a multimillion dollar contract to do so. It takes too much on my free time. I have to set aside 3 hours to watch a game and track my team, their closest competitiors and their divisional rivals in the standings all while trying to work 60 hours a week and remain on top of technology for 50x less than the player average? I put more work into baseball than the players do! Sign me or I walk!

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