Interactive Documentary Making

from the how-long-until-this-descends-into-video-flame-wars? dept

Apparently, some site based out of the UK is letting amateur and professional filmmakers upload short documentaries to their website for people to watch. The really interesting part, though, is they let anyone else upload a related, complementary, or competing documentary (though, there is a moderator) which is then linked to the original. Basically, it lets people create a whole discussion using web-based video documentaries. Viewers can decide how to view the various documentaries, which could make for some interesting finds. It’s certainly a different type of project – though who knows how successful it will be. Somehow, I fear that it will turn into something of a “video usenet” with video flame wars of people simply trashing each other. But, then again, maybe I’m just naturally pessimistic. Update: A helpful Techdirt reader sent in a link to another site, called Lulop which also lets people store videos online. It seems this is becoming something of a trend. The goal of Lulop is more to be a distribution platform for television-quality video. I would suggest, though, that Lulop think about also doing some of the “linking” function of the other site, because that really takes advantage of what the web is good at, and makes the site that much more interesting.

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