EFF Lists WiFi Friendly ISPs

from the good-for-them dept

I’ve said here before that broadband ISPs that try to stop their users from setting up WiFi access points are only asking for trouble. I completely understand the argument made by some people (and the ISPs themselves) that opening up free access to anyone is giving away the service, preventing the ISP from selling it to some others. However, it is a bad business decision because it ignores what customers want. Generally speaking, if you ignore what customers want, someone else will come along and provide it to them – to your loss. There are a number of ISPs that encourage users to set up WiFi access points, and now the EFF is encouraging people to switch to them by putting up a list of WiFi friendly ISPs. So, the ISPs that are trying to block users from getting what they want lose out no matter what. The customers they had before go to another provider, and the people who were connecting to their free WiFi hotspot will still do so. Thus, this move by ISPs to “protect” their service, actually makes them lose more money.

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