AI Caretakers For Alzheimer's Sufferers

from the good-or-bad dept

dsg writes “The project partners envision a network of digital devices and wireless sensors ? in the walls of homes, in appliances and furniture, even in the clothing we wear. The devices would work together to do essentially what a caretaker does for an Alzheimer’s sufferer: monitor an individual, offer prompts when appropriate and summon help when needed. I love AI and I always think it’s a good idea to help people, but I can’t stop myself from thinking about ways to abuse this. Among many other things (AI angels for Criminals, AI impulses for shoppers, etc.), how hard would it be to hack a Alzheimer’s sufferers AI and have it remind them to send you a check for a large sum of money?” DSG forgot to include a link, but I found the link included here about the same thing, so I assume that’s the link he meant to send.

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