We Need More Power

from the alternative-sources dept

Red Herring has two separate articles today about alternative power sources. The first is about a large project in Ireland to build a large wind farm to supply power there. The article has a number of interesting facts and figures about the economics of a windfarm. Living not all that far from a windfarm, I’ve always wondered what the basic economics were. It appears that they’re expensive to build, but once you pay it off, they can be quite profitable. The other article is about a renewed push in the US to build more nuclear power plants. It’s been fairly difficult to build nuclear power plants in the US for a variety of reasons, but new plans hope to address many of those issues (mainly cost and safety). However, I lived in New York at the time of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant fiasco, and I remember how heated that battle became. Many people simply don’t want nuclear power.

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