WorldCom Made Up Execs Also

from the now-they'll-probably-try-to-throw-THEM-in-jail-also dept

Well, this is interesting. Besides the various other problems WorldCom is having for making up money on their financial statements, it turns out they may have been making up executives as well. That’s right. VP’s out of thin air. WorldCom customer service people would keep people on hold for hours, laughing at them all the way, and then have them send complaints to a VP of Customer Service, named Thomas Barton, who no one can seem to find. “Barton” occasionally sent letters to upset customers, but other than that no one seems able to prove he exists.

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Comments on “WorldCom Made Up Execs Also”

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Thomas Barton says:

The Real Thomas Barton

Just finished a follow up article with Nina Larson, on the WorldComm practice of using my name as Vice President of Customer Service.

I did work for MCI for many years in, and a part of customer service.

I am trying to gather all that was written about the topic and am currently giving follow up interviews.

Please contact me at or you can reach me at 212.724.8204.

Thank you,

Thomas Barton
Founder. Curator. Artist.
Museum of Applied Trash

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