Microsoft Is Bad, Uncertainty Is Worse

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Chris Anderson over at Wired Magazine has written a piece saying that we’re all better off if the Microsoft anti-trust suit just ended already. No matter how bad Microsoft is, it’s better than the uncertainty from the case dragging on for years and years and years. As evidence he mentions some research showing that the market (including companies considered Microsoft competitors) did much better when the “momentum” of the case was pro-Microsoft. At the same time, the market did much worse when things were going against Microsoft. Seems like a simplistic response to a more complex issue. I’m not sure lawsuits should be decided simply based on how the stock market responds to its “momentum”.

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Comments on “Microsoft Is Bad, Uncertainty Is Worse”

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Timaaay! says:


Hmmm. So companies were doing better prior to the antitrust trial was decided around 2000. What else happened then that might also explain it? Oh yeah, the recession! I propose that all journalists should be federally required to take a course in statistics and pass a test entitled “Correlation != Causation” before they can write this crap. Aspiring doctors should have to take it too…

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