Apple Should Embrace The Rumor Mongerers

from the why-fight-it? dept

Business Week’s Apple correspondent takes Apple to task for being so vehemently against rumor sites. Instead of trying to block them out (which doesn’t work, and only adds to their appeal), Apple should embrace them. Let them come to shows. These people clearly are Apple fans to put together such sites. They also influence a lot of the Apple community. It seems counterproductive to piss them off.

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Comments on “Apple Should Embrace The Rumor Mongerers”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What about Jaguar?

Apple was surprisingly quiet about the number of pre-release 10.2 pictures on the web…

On one hand they get free marketing to there strongest supporters and I’m sure quietly listen to the reaction on those sites.

On the other hand Apple loses the ability to surprise people with new products. Apple doesn’t want to have a products design/specs released too soon. You don’t want people to stop buying 15″ Flat Panel iMacs when you know know that a 17″ Flat Panel is due in a couple of months. You also don’t want competitors to steal your ideas.

It’s a tricky rope to walk.

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