Cable Companies Taking A Hard Line On WiFi

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When I first signed up for AT&T Broadband’s cable modem service they were advertising Linksys wireless networking equipment everywhere. I assumed that meant they were encouraging people to use that equipment. Now, however, they’re getting ready to join Time Warner Cable in cracking down on WiFi users. We’ve discussed this before when Time Warner started sending threatening letters, and I understand why they’re doing this. However, they’re simply opening up an opportunity for “WiFi friendly” broadband ISPs to take away their business.

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Comments on “Cable Companies Taking A Hard Line On WiFi”

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Bill (user link) says:

Earthlink Doing Their Part Too

Earthlink has begun changing the MTU values on their routers. Since most people don’t know how or can’t change the MTU values on their home routers it causes all kinds of problems. This happened to me and I became suspicious when the first question I was asked after describing my problem was “Do you have a router?” But instead of just telling you that they’ve changed their routers they lie to you and tell you they haven’t changed anything and that they can’t support anybody with routers.

Here’s a link to more info from others having similar problems:,3616355~root=earthlink~mode=flat

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