Dot Commers Learn Humility?

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One of the things I noticed when I first came to Silicon Valley was that many (though, certainly not all) of the “successful” people I met really believed that they, themselves, were the entire reason for their success. The fact that there were other people and the “dot com lottery” (and a healthy dose of “luck”) never seemed to enter their minds. Those same people are now having quite a few psychological problems dealing with the fact that they’re not so successful any more. The folks who invented the annoying psychological condition of “sudden wealth syndrome” (in order, of course, to help part those suddenly wealthy with a bit of their wealth by telling them they needed therapy) have now been dealing with those poor souls who suddenly can’t afford payments on their cars that they bought with paper wealth. They’re saying these people are suddenly learning humility (well, it’s about time). Of course, someone else in the article points out that many of these people still refuse to admit that they were somewhat responsible for their own “sudden loss of wealth syndrome”.

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Comments on “Dot Commers Learn Humility?”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

I see a lot of this

Working in high tech in a sales capacity, I see this all the time. People were making 250K plus from 98-2000 (if not much more), and now in the downturn they are lucky to break into six figures. Combination of a lot less sales to be had, plus commission plans have been significantly scaled back. Also, the vast majority of them made the big bucks not because they were particularly good or hard working, it was a simple fact of working for the right company at the right time. If you were selling for Exodus in 1999, you made a fortune just by showing up for work most days. Try selling for Exodus today 😉 I guess the ability to pick the right employer can be a talent, but I haven’t seen too many people prove that skill by picking the right job 2 or 3 times in a row. God knows I don’t have it

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