Spam Destroys Vacations

from the must-check-email dept

We’ve been posting a number of articles lately about whether or not it’s a good thing to completely disconnect from email while you’re on vacation. One of the points that I’ve made repeatedly, is that not checking email can be more stressful, because you have so much to deal with when you get back to work. However, Wired has an article about another problem non-checkers of personal accounts may face: while they’re gone, their accounts can become overrun with spam. The spam starts piling up, and email accounts can reach various limits, blocking out any legitimate emails.

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Comments on “Spam Destroys Vacations”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:

Huge concern

This is probably one of my largest concerns. One of my oldest accounts can now fill up (granted, it is sitting at approx. 60% full when it’s ‘clear’, but still) in the space of two days, just from spam, and that’s with some filters on. It’s a little too crazy. Good thing that account is mostly inactive now.

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