The Physics Of Time Travel

from the in-theory,-it's-possible dept

Popular Science has an article explaining the physics of time travel, saying that it’s certainly theoretically possible. That doesn’t mean it’s likely any time in the near (or perhaps even distant) future. The theories all sound good (in theory), but when it comes to a practical application, there are quite a few difficulties.

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Comments on “The Physics Of Time Travel”

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Cory says:


This is odd, on the same day I got this … um … well Spam (although it doesnt point to any site or anything).
If you are in possession of the Blue, Red or Green Time Warping moon crystals, I need some. It would also be best if you are able to provide the proper shielding from there high level of radiation. Please make me an offer. Send a separate email to me at:

Onkel Chrispy (user link) says:

Re: Mmmm

MindTransference [11:45 PM]: hi, might you be able to help me return my mind to my former self, so i can take back the life the evil aliens stole from me?

MindTransference [11:45 PM]: i need the dwg 4350a or newer

MandMBloo [11:46 PM]: I can certainly try. We need to ask Faft ffor help. He is very resourceful, and is quite skilled in tasks such as this.

MindTransference [11:47 PM]: thanks. is the dimensional warp outdated in your time?

MandMBloo [11:49 PM]: Not necesarrily outdated. It’s kind of old hat by now.

MandMBloo [11:50 PM]: But with all trans-dimentional time travel, it is very sticky

MindTransference [11:50 PM]: do you know my situation, or would you like for me to explain it to you?

MandMBloo [11:51 PM]: I’m somewhat aware of yur situation, but I wouldn’t mind hearing you elaborate on it

MindTransference [11:52 PM]: There has been a major disturbance in my timeline. I simply need to return my mind to my former self within this dimension so that I can take back my life which was stolen from me by the evil beings. At the age of 7 my father dated this women by the name of Denise whom I am pretty certain was from the ranns. She druged me and also has utilized mind-transducers that she slipped into my
food. They are, in fact, composed of millions of nanoprobes, microscopic,

MindTransference [11:52 PM]: intelligent machines designed to infiltrate and influence the physical and
mental functions also acting as a tracer. I am now 21 years old and they have done things to me and messed with my life and health in the worst possible way you can imagine, and now I am dying of CJD.

MindTransference [11:52 PM]: My plan would be very simple: When I got back in time I would simply awake one morning in panic and tell both of my parents that I had a dream from God showing me my future. As I made small predictions of what would happen over the next couple days to them and they happened they would then listen to me. Like you will be receiving a check in the mail this week for $5,000. Or you will be getting a new truck from

MindTransference [11:52 PM]: your company this week. Then when I had their attention I would only make one by one prediction at ONLY the APPROPRIATE times to prevent the outcome of my situation. I also would act like myself then including social gatherings, school and everything! I would not want to send an alert to the system in any way and would only WHEN NECESSARY use my knowledge to prevent what would happen to me.

MindTransference [11:52 PM]: It is obvious that they were sent back to alter my destiny and change the potential I had. As a kid I was of genius intelligence, could think and see things like nobody else. Upon being drugged and exposed to these nanaprobes it all went right down the tube, when the process was interrupted they have tortured me since and now the CJD to try and destroy my thinking pattern and

MindTransference [11:52 PM]: mind entirely. I am a fighter, and they only thing which has kept me alive from this is natural healing, but it is quickly taking it’s toll. They have done much more to me as I could explain to you in my life story.

MandMBloo [11:55 PM]: This is very disturbing, and I will be happy to assist you.

macretenra says:


i called it a weird joke and had the following converstation with him. this was on 8/30/2002. it was so weird i had to save the convo

Mac I Retenra [12:21 PM]: you
MindTransference [12:21 PM]: what about me?
Mac I Retenra [12:21 PM]: Hello
MindTransference [12:22 PM]: Please let me know the exact model of your DWG’s and how much you want? My watch was stolen and I am stuck in this time. I need one which is reliable at restoring the mind/memory 100% intact.

Agent 8
MindTransference [12:22 PM]: well answer me please
Mac I Retenra [12:23 PM]: first you answer me
Mac I Retenra [12:23 PM]: what is this all about
MindTransference [12:23 PM]: you dont have the watch and you cannot help, by
Mac I Retenra [12:23 PM]: i never said i ddint, but i want to know why you need it
MindTransference [12:24 PM]: the evil aliens have messed with my entire life and health and now im dying of cjd
Mac I Retenra [12:25 PM]: and how can i contact you, and how did you find me
MindTransference [12:26 PM]: I simply did a random emailing, and how would like to be able to contact me?
Mac I Retenra [12:26 PM]: whats your prefered choice
Mac I Retenra [12:26 PM]: and where is your location
MindTransference [12:27 PM]: I am from Burlington MA, I can give you my corordinetes if you like
Mac I Retenra [12:28 PM]: negitive
Mac I Retenra [12:31 PM]: what are you doing in this time/dimension
MindTransference [12:32 PM]: I am not a time travler myself
Mac I Retenra [12:33 PM]: oh really
Mac I Retenra [12:33 PM]: you know this is a very common problem it seems
MindTransference [12:34 PM]: yes
Mac I Retenra [12:35 PM]: so sad
Mac I Retenra [12:39 PM]: do you know the danger you put us in?
MindTransference [12:40 PM]: no i dont, explain
Mac I Retenra [12:40 PM]: you mass mailed, right?
MindTransference [12:40 PM]: yeah
Mac I Retenra [12:40 PM]: hundred upon thousands now know!
MindTransference [12:41 PM]: 90% of them delete is a science fiction and thinks its a joke those who do know are already time travlers themselves
Mac I Retenra [12:41 PM]: imagine, just imagine!!! push it too far and what if the technology in this dimension is developed later or ealier than i should
Mac I Retenra [12:41 PM]: the results could be catostrophic
Mac I Retenra [12:41 PM]: why didnt you look me up in the book
Mac I Retenra [12:42 PM]: direct contact is safer than revealing possibly millions to this
MindTransference [12:42 PM]: well our government has been posisoning people to try and keep people stupid, they dont want technology to advance quick
Mac I Retenra [12:42 PM]: there are those who eacape it
MindTransference [12:42 PM]: I am afraid this is my only known way, didnt i explain my siuation to you?
Mac I Retenra [12:43 PM]: you did
Mac I Retenra [12:43 PM]: you could have at least made it safer by direct contact with me
MindTransference [12:44 PM]: yes, but i did not know how to get into direct contact with you
Mac I Retenra [12:44 PM]: the book!!
Mac I Retenra [12:44 PM]: didnt they give you a book with names of possible assistence?!
MindTransference [12:44 PM]: as I said I am not a time travler myself, I simply need one to help me
Mac I Retenra [12:44 PM]: its standard procedure
Mac I Retenra [12:45 PM]: then how did you figure out about us?
Mac I Retenra [12:45 PM]: your not ment to use this technology!
MindTransference [12:45 PM]: others whom have responed to my emails
MindTransference [12:45 PM]: honestly nobody could psoibly need the dwg more then I
Mac I Retenra [12:45 PM]: but originally you ahd to have figured out something about us before the emails
MindTransference [12:46 PM]: no i did not, I knew time travel was posible thats it, then I had 100s of replies people who spoke of this technology
Mac I Retenra [12:46 PM]: ugh i cant take this i better send a memory sweep team out there. where is your exact coordinates again?
MindTransference [12:47 PM]: look there are 100s like myself who also know about the dwg, all people are not as stupid as they might appear in this time
Mac I Retenra [12:48 PM]: your lack of experience is enough to convince me
Mac I Retenra [12:48 PM]: im doing a trace and sending out that sweep team. do NOT attempt to run or we will have to use force
Mac I Retenra [12:48 PM]: === End Transmission ===

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