Stuart Lynn Defends ICANN

from the wait-a-second... dept

As everyone is pointing out just how stupid ICANN is being in hiding from the public ICANN’s chief has finally “responded” to these critics by saying that they’re not being undemocratic at all. Let’s see, they’ve decided not to let the public vote, which seems pretty undemocratic to me. Instead of explaining why the not-voting solution is more democratic than the voting one, he tries to blame the technology, saying there’s no good way to set up an online vote that will avoid fraud. What he really means is there’s no good way to set up an online vote where people will pick the candidate that he wants – one that will continue to enforce their ridiculous policies. He then says (I can’t believe he could say this with a straight face) that the number of online voters is far too small to be significant. Does that mean that the small number of corporate interests who will choose the board members is much larger? He also doesn’t respond to the basic questions about their openness as an organization and why they won’t even let one of their own board members see financial information about how the group is run. I wonder if he believes the crap he’s spewing.

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