Technology Addicts Need Some Time Offline?

from the is-that-really-true? dept

I keep hearing all these “scary” stories about technology addicts. These people who go on vacation and bring laptops and gadgets with them so they can check email. We’ve discussed this before, but it seems the psychologists haven’t caught up yet. They’re telling people this is a bad and dangerous thing. I tend to disagree. If being completely cut off from email means you’re going to come back to a desktop full of emergencies and days worth of email to go through when you return to work, I don’t see that as a healthy situation either. If spending a half an hour going through the major emergencies can reduce the stress of returning to work, what’s the big deal? Maybe that’s just the email addict in me talking (though, I’ve found that any time I’ve gone away for the weekend recently, I’ve left the computer behind and not had a problem).

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Comments on “Technology Addicts Need Some Time Offline?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

The problem is that while companies contunie to strive to break the trillion dollar profit market they are layting off people left and right but not lightening the work load. Now one person is reponsible for the work of three people. The companies also believe they own every moment of an employees time. If you fail to give your life to your job you’ll get fired. This problem will not go away. It will only get worse.

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