Australian Music Industry Considers Deal With CD Copying Kiosk Maker

from the not-happy-about-it,-though dept

The Australian equivalent of the RIAA is apparently “considering” a proposal from a maker of CD-copying kiosks to legitimize the vending machines by accepting royalty payments from them. The vending machine is basically just a public CD-burner, where anyone can go, put in a CD they own, pay some (relatively small) fee, and receive a burned copy. The kiosk makers say it’s a great way for people to create backups of their CDs – and that all legal issues are the same as a photocopying machine. The music industry, of course, doesn’t exactly see it that way. However, they’re considering the proposal, because they’re afraid if they don’t even look at it, and these machines take off in popularity, they won’t be able to make any money off of them. However, from the quotes in the article, it doesn’t sound like they’re really pleased about these kiosks. What I’m wondering is if home CD-burners are really that rare in Australia that there’s a real market demand for this? I know in the US that the CD-burner is becoming common enough that I doubt anyone would ever use a public burner.

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Comments on “Australian Music Industry Considers Deal With CD Copying Kiosk Maker”

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acb (user link) says:

Public CD burners in Australia

are mostly for non-technical people. A lot of people who aren’t power users and either don’t have CD burners or don’t know how to use them, but want to copy a CD they borrowed from a friend or somesuch, could find it useful. It costs A$5 (US$3) plus the blank. Given that they’re fairly common, I suspect that someone uses them; though I’ve never actually seen anyone use one.

johnnie has to sell everything says:

cd burners in oz

at computers markets in sydney, 52x cd drives are about $50, 40x cd burners (liteon) $125. tdk/ricoh 50 cdr blanks about $40. soon cd burners will replace cd drives. as for these cd-copying kiosks, i have never seen one. as for aria, they suck as hard as riaa does. it is basically a front for big name music company’s like sony & wb, just as BSA is a front for micro$oft and oracle etc.
“promotoing a safe & legal world” = f*cking you h*rder

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