Worldcom's Trouble: Good For AT&T

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It seems that there’s a tendency to lump industry stocks together. Sometimes, that makes sense. Telecom, for instance, is definitely in trouble as an industry – and Worldcom’s woes are going to impact many companies negatively. However, Red Herring is suggesting that it might actually be the boost AT&T needs. The prediction is that many Worldcom customers may come running to AT&T – which is a trusted name. AT&T apparently receives relatively high marks for their service – especially compared to Worldcom. I have to admit, as a Worldcom customer (I recently switched to their “The Neighborhood”, 1 flat rate for everything, plan), I’ve got nothing good to say about their customer service so far. I imagine it’s not going to get any better as they slide into bankruptcy turmoil. However, I do like the flat rate pricing, so I won’t switch until I’m forced to, or someone else comes out with a comparable plan.

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Comments on “Worldcom's Trouble: Good For AT&T”

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Ed says:

Mike's Curse

Mike, are you saying that you recently switched to Worldcom, or have you had it all along and just changed calling plans? Perhaps your ability to drive companies out of business applies to all telecommunications, not just broadband ISPs. If so, how about letting us know your current ISP, local telco, and wireless provider so I can make sure I unload their stock.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Mike's Curse

Heh. An excellent point… Well, I’ve had Worldcom (MCI) as my long distance provider for a while, so I really just switched plans. But, this new plan replaced my PacBell (SBC) local service with Worldcom – so maybe it has something to do with local service. Either way, I guess SBC would now become a “buy” under your plan. They were the same company that refused to give me DSL as well, so they’ve got a lot of things going for them.

I never touched Enron!

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