More Examples Of The Music Industry Not Getting It

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Hidden in this article about the battle between music labels and webcasters about music royalty rates is a quote that shows how the music industry really seems to view webcasters: “if they can get a great Chicago blues channel (online), they’ll put it on, and they’ll never feel the need to buy a Chicago blues record.” This is from the executive director of SoundExchange, a subsidiary of the RIAA that handles royalty issues. That’s right. They don’t understand promotion at all, and assume that if anything is free, then it’s obviously being stolen. It appears that this isn’t so much about getting money from online radio stations, but about purposely forcing them to shut down. The record labels still believe that radio steals sales from them, apparently.

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Comments on “More Examples Of The Music Industry Not Getting It”

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Dan says:

Agreed; truly bizarre

If there has been any effects of free(r) music on me, it has certainly been in purchasing music. Listening to one station playing classical performances led me to a buying jag to fill in the gaps in my collection. The same is true for any other number of internet radio outfits I have listened to — I have bought more pre-recorded music, not less.
With such short-sightedness, will the traditional record companies join steam engine manufacturers in the dustbin of history?

Download More says:


I’m really getting sick and tired of listening to the friggin’ music industry bitch about money. The economy is tanking because of capital whores like RIAA, Enron and WorldCom. Here’s a few questions I’d like to see the whores answer… not that the consumer has a right to ask questions.

Why do these morons not grasp the FACT that profits do not always go up?

Why don’t they understand that the economy has something to do with economics?

Why is it that when a sales record is broken for the first time it is then required to be broke every single time after that?

Why don’t you play the rape voictim and tell us that you’ll continue on like brave little soldiers in the face of this hardship but you’ll have to fix prices (ooops! I meant raise prices) in order to stay afloat. Hey! You fixed CD prices (and got caught) back in the late 80’s. Why not do it again? The Democrats are for sale!

P.S. For those of you who who want to download music or create your own online radio station check out the following:

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