Ex-Dot Commers Starting Businesses

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I’ve noticed a trend recently among some former dot-commers. A lot of them are starting their own businesses, and they’re doing them much more carefully (and pragmatically). They’re not relying on gobs of venture capital, but are instead building up companies one careful step at a time. There are a number of these (usually with fewer than 10 employees, Techdirt itself included) companies that all seem to congregate together. The people I know building these companies aren’t making millions, but we all seem to enjoy our working life more than we ever did before. While most of the people I know who are starting these companies are sticking to technology, it seems many other former dot commers are using the lack of tech jobs to start entirely different types of businesses, such as opening a bar or a dog grooming shop. It’s good to see people actually working hard to build a sustainable company rather than looking to see how quickly they can sell out.

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