Reinventing Nokia (Or At Least Nokia's Image)

from the flexibility-is-job-one dept

Over the past few months the image of Nokia as the world leader in mobile phones has been repeatedly tarnished. In order to deal with their sudden troubles, Nokia has decided to reorganize the company into more business units in an attempt to be more flexible and focus on more niche units. Of course, this article makes it sound as if a simple reorganization is the answer Nokia needs. Reorgs certainly can be helpful, but often aren’t implemented well. They’re often used more to hide away problem issues instead of solving them. In fact, when asked about certain potential conflicts in the new business units, they basically say “well, we’ll work those out when they show up”. Being flexible and responding to the market is good. But, being flexible for the sake of PR can be dangerous. Time will tell which one this move really is about.

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