The Technology Of Truth Seeking

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Since September 11th, there’s been a much great focus on many security-related technologies. The latest focus seems to be on systems that catch people when they’re lying. Things have apparently progressed beyond the old polygraph test into all sorts of more advanced lie-detector technologies, from brain scans to voice scans to face scans. Of course, as with any such thing, the fear is about the possible consequences of false positives (saying the person is lying when they’re really telling the truth). How would you feel if a computer told you you were lying, and it messed up your life, even if there was no other evidence? Sounds like an ad for that new Spielberg movie, I guess.

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Comments on “The Technology Of Truth Seeking”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Been there, done that...

Polygraphs suck… and they don’t suck for the
reason you think that I think they suck.

Basically, polygraph technology (and I mean the
kind used to clear people and do investigations
involving national security) is easily defeated
and abused.

At best, they are a tool of the investigator,
allowing more options during an interrogation.
At worst, they’re a false sense of security.
Something as simple as a beta-blocker and a tac
in the shoe can get even a novice past regularly
scheduled polygraphs. The fun part for the
investigators is when you begin circumventing
the 5th amendment…

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