Cyborgs For Good Health

from the who-cares-about-big-brother dept

With all the hype over the “chipping” of a family in Florida last month, very few people pointed out that the chips didn’t really do very much useful. However, Business 2.0 points out that there are a ton of “cyborgs” already among us with “useful” implants. In this case, they’re talking about medical devices like pacemakers and neurological implants. The next step for these products is to connect them to the internet somehow, to allow for more active monitoring and other new features. While some people are (perhaps rightfully) worried about the Big Brother aspect of these technologies, many feel they’ll be accepted no matter what – simply because they help people live longer and healthier. They have a point. You’re not likely to be as worried about what people know about you if you’re dead.

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