Changing Tech In Retail Stores

from the would-you-like-electronic-fries-with-that? dept

There’s no question that technology is playing a larger role in retail stores, but things that seemed so advanced not so long ago, like barcode scanners and security tags, are nothing compared to what’s coming soon. Among the many examples discussed in this article are things like Prada tracking which clothes items are taken off their rack to the dressing room and then immediately displaying more info about the item on a computer monitor by the dressing room. They also talk about figuring out what people look at, how long they look at things, how long they’re willing to wait in line (and even automatically offering coupons if the line is too long). They’re even trying to implement systems that will make real world shopping more like online shopping. If you sign up for Prada’s “customer loyalty program”, they will give you a card with a chip that acts just like a cookie online – they will use it to track what you personally try on and buy. Can’t wait to see the privacy arguments about that one…

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