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Stewart Alsop’s latest column is a very interesting look at a possible future for television. Alsop is on the board of TiVo, so he’s a bit biased, but he talks about how television can move to this sort of hybrid video-on-demand with TiVo model. Basically, anyone from individuals to companies can store TV programs on their own systems – and make those available to others (possibly for a price) to download. In the end, you have a huge distributed network of TV programs. Of course, many things would need to change for this to work in reality, but the original seed of the idea comes from John Hendricks of Discovery Communications. It’s interesting to see the idea come from the entertainment industry itself, rather than the tech industry. Of course, Hendricks has a long history of pushing forward new video-on-demand ideas.

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Comments on “File Served Television”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Sounds kind of cool. There’s no way the stations will roll out a technology that allows downloading though. Downloads are evil… remember? The only fear I have about this technology is that tv will become “a service” and we will pay a short term one-time rental charge to watch anything but public tv and local news.

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