Earthlink Offers WiFi Via Boingo

from the not-much-of-a-surprise-there dept

Earthlink has become the first major ISP to start WiFi access at various hotspots. Of course, they’re simply reselling Boingo’s service (which isn’t much of a surprise, since they’re both founded by Sky Dayton). Of course, Boingo is really reselling other’s services like MobileStar’s – so it seems like quite a convoluted system. It’s interesting, though, to see how Boingo is expanding their business model to simply offer their services to ISPs. I would bet that more and more ISPs will start offering similar services – though, it would be nice if they had a single price for both, instead of separate (expensive) prices for WiFi access.

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Comments on “Earthlink Offers WiFi Via Boingo”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

The problem with Boingo's business model is...

…they have to go around securing everyones’
wireless access point for there’s any real need
for their service!

Maybe a few high profile busts of wayward net-
stumblers would do the trick?

What Pay Pal needs to do is develope a PPFA
protocol (Pay Pal for Access) and either adapt
it to wireless access point firmware or build
a Linux/*BSD .iso image that can be installed
on an old computer with two NIC cards that can
gateway between the internet and the access

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