Bowie On The Future Of Copyright

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Eric wrote in with excerpts from the NY Times article on David Bowie’s thoughts on copyrights, saying he “thought this was a topic close to Mike’s interests”. He’s right. I was just about to post the article myself when I saw that Eric had submitted it. While most of the article is about what Bowie is working on, there are a few quotes near the beginning where he says that he doesn’t think music distribution will work via labels and distribution systems as they do now. He even says, “the absolute transformation of everything that we ever thought about music will take place within 10 years, and nothing is going to be able to stop it. I see absolutely no point in pretending that it’s not going to happen. I’m fully confident that copyright, for instance, will no longer exist in 10 years, and authorship and intellectual property is in for such a bashing.” I’m glad to see that some musicians are finally realizing the inevitability of this. As Bowie says, “it’s terribly exciting. But on the other hand it doesn’t matter if you think it’s exciting or not; it’s what’s going to happen.”

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