Think Tank Says Orbitz Isn't Violating Laws

from the so-they-say dept

The notoriously free market Cato Institute has come out with a report saying they don’t believe Orbitz violates any anti-trust laws. Orbitz’s competitors aren’t particularly happy about the report saying that it mischaracterizes their opposition to the company. Personally, I don’t use Orbitz for two reasons. The first three times I tried to use it, it didn’t work – and their customer service was terrible responding to my complaints. The second reason is they seem to have taken the lead in annoying pop up ads. While they may work for some people – pop up ads drive me away from using services. That said, however, I’m not sure I see where the “monopoly” problem comes in. Orbitz made some good deals with carriers. It doesn’t appear that they violated any antitrust laws. If Expedia and Travelocity wanted exclusive deals, they should have negotiated them when they had the chance.

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