We Don't Need No Stinkin' IPO

from the going-public-is-for-losers dept

Despite the few dot com companies that have started creeping out through the IPO window, many dot coms still in business have decided they would rather not go public right now. Of course, if there were huge payouts again, like a few years ago, I imagine greed would overtake a bunch of these companies. For now, though, a large number of “successful” dot coms (some of which are even profitable) are saying that they don’t want to go public. They say that going public puts too much pressure on a young company and isn’t worth doing right now. They’ve seen what Wall Street has done to other young public companies. While I think they’re saying all the right things, I wonder how honest they’re really being. I do agree that most of these companies shouldn’t go public until they have a much longer track record of success, but it’s tough to think that way when investment bankers are telling you you’re going to walk off with a few hundred million dollars…

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