The End Of The Chalkboard?

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It seems that after many years, the ubiquitous chalkboard may finally be losing its place in the modern classroom. It’s being replaced by the “higher tech” solution popular in cubicles worldwide: the whiteboard. Of course, the whiteboard has the potential to do much more, by connecting them to computers (though, that seems a bit expensive for most classrooms). Some teachers, though, are upset to see the chalkboard go away. They say that it has the best surface for teaching kids to write. They’re afraid that the whiteboard encourages people to write too quickly.

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Comments on “The End Of The Chalkboard?”

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Timaaay! says:

Smell these pens billy!

I find the smell of those whiteboard pens noxious and so do alot of other people. No doubt this “revelation” will be followed by consternation over the whiteboard pen “huffing” problem…

Seriously though, a BIG part of the education problem in the US is people care WAAAAY more about what is being written (or typed) on and not nearly enough about what the kids are learning. How many computers do they have in your average classroom in India or China? Not many…

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