Technology Makes Us Fat

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about suing fast food companies for the obesity problem in the US (because any problem, apparently, can be solved by a class action lawsuit). However, today we find out that the real culprit in why Americans are so overweight is technology. Technology has allowed us to produce more food at cheaper prices and has taken away manual labor jobs that forced people to excercise while working. So, suddenly, we all get to eat much more while sitting around all day on our (increasingly fat) asses staring at a computer screen. Maybe I need to rethink my original claim that technology, itself, isn’t bad.

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Comments on “Technology Makes Us Fat”

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pasi says:

Re: technology does not equal lazyness

If american fatness is due to technology and standard of living, it would follow suite that other equally developped nations would be suffering from the same problem. This however is not the case. I have no knowlage of studies prefomed on this subject, but I have been to tens of countries, many which have a higher standard of living then the u.s. (maybe not a higher turnover, but more equally distributed) and it would seem to me that fatness goes hand in hand with culture, not technology.

By default the third world nations where size equals success have a higher prosentage of fatness. Other countries where fatness is considered a minus, people are slim, even if they are a part of the local elite, with large incomes and servants, they stay slim.

In europe, where a good standard of living has been enjoyed for a long while, we are proud to be slimmer. When travelling, americans are easy to spot, they have a look like no other. (Not to their advantage…)
I do belive we europeans also have a high amount of problems with bloodcirculation etc. but not due to fatness, just bad diets.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Technology contributes but we americans have ourselves to blame as well. Our need to ‘supersize’ anything we eat while burning less calories just keeps pumping us up til we’re supersized ourselves. I think the large portions of food being eaten is unique to the american culture. Fortunately, I’m not one of the masses. Get it ? Masses ?

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