2600 Appeal Denied

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I saw Robin Gross from EFF speaking yesterday at O’Reilly, and she told us that they would soon be announcing the denial of their appeal on the 2600 case. The next move is to push for the Supreme Court to review it – which would be the first time the Supreme Court got to take a look at the DMCA. She didn’t sound all that confident that the Supreme Court would agree to take the case – but it sounded like they were at least going to try. The article linked to here, suggests that they might not even try. This denial is yet another example of bad legal decisions. This isn’t even about someone saying something which is possibly illegal. It’s about someone pointing to someone else who’s saying something that is possibly illegal. Getting in trouble just for pointing seems like a very dangerous precedent. Isn’t there some saying about not blaming the messenger? Meanwhile, back in Washington, those who enjoy trampling on your rights were drinking to their success. What happened to elected officials who looked after our rights?

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